Year 2020

How to Grow Hostas Indoors (and Not Kill Them)

Hostas in decorated pots as houseplants

Growing a hosta plant indoors can be a challenge, but they’re perennials that you can grow and keep healthy with the correct soil and environment. It’s possible to grow a hosta indoors without replanting them, but they’re perennials that need…

Why Are My Hostas Not Coming Up?

Hosta shoots emerging in the spring

If your hostas aren’t coming up as they should, it could be for several reasons ranging from pests and too much or too little water to improper care. If you don’t take care of your newly planted or established hostas…

Can You Plant Hostas with Roses?

Roses, hostas and ferns in the front yard of a yellow house

Roses and hostas are beautiful additions to any garden, but they have different growing conditions that lead people to ask, can you plant hostas with roses? So, can you plant hostas with roses? Absolutely! Many different types of hostas and…