Hello, My Name is John and I am the founder of Rain Tree Gardens.

For thirty years I have propagated, grown and sold a wide range of plants.

I guess you could say I am hooked on plants. There is enjoyment in making new plants and growing them on.

The quite serenity of the nursery at the end of the day is a special time and worth the long days work to get there.

The people in this business are a unique group that are almost always enjoyable to be around and interact with. I miss those days on the road visiting nurseries and customers.

Here I hope to use my experience to provide information and ideals to expand your gardening experiences and enjoyment.

It All Started Here

Watching and “helping” my father grow fuchsias and tuberous begonias in the back yard. Later adding a greenhouse which made the plants even more exciting.

Growing Plants for A Living

After a few years as an electronics technician I escaped to work in a nursery, a much more peaceful environment.

During about 30 years Diane and I have had the privilege of growing may different plants. There has been bedding plants, perennials, woody ornamentals, orchids, houseplants, and others.

In the middle of all this was nine years of owning a wholesale floral company. A fast paced, stay on  your toes but fun experience.

The Website

This is a retirement project as I can’t and don’t want to get the plants out of my life.

The goal here is to help you grown beautiful plants in your garden. The site is focused on hostas at this time. Tough, dependable, and of course beautiful garden residents.

As time goes on there will be other plant groups will be added…


Many Paths Lead to The Same Destination

Sometimes you will find different ways to grow the same plants on this site. There are many ways to accomplish the same task and be a successful gardener.

The site contains a lot of material that is based on my triumphs and failures. Some of the advice is predicated on the accomplishments and failures of other people.

What works for another person or place may not always be the greatest option for you. Sometimes you need to experiment. Its part of what makes gardening fun.

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