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Dream Queen Hosta

Planting Dream Queen Hosta is like planting a tree.  If you plant it in a good place and give it reasonable care, Dream Queen Hosta may outlive you.  It can live as long as 30 years. Table of ContentsDescription of…

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Will Hostas Grow in Sandy Soil?

Hosta shoots emerging in sandy soil

Because hostas are such a hardy and beautiful perennial, it’s possible to grow them in a host of different types of soil. You can have your hosta plants in sandy soil as well as heavier clay soil. However, I’ve noticed…

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How to Grow Hostas Under Trees

Hostas under a big old tree

You most likely know that hostas do very well growing in partial shade, and different species and cultivars thrive in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 9. This is why it’s possible to grow hostas under trees, as I’ve found out over…

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