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Dividing Hostas

Dividing a hosta plant

Everyone wants big beautiful hostas dotting their yard. I know I love them when they fill in my shaded areas and make the entire garden look lush and full. So, why would you ever divide them? Not only does this…

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Liquid Bone Meal for Plants

All plants need phosphorus in order to survive, and liquid bone meal is a great source of it. How is liquid bone meal different to balanced fertilizers, and should you be using it in your garden? Liquid bone meal for…

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Will Hosta Leaves Grow Back?

White and green variegated hosta leaves

As I was prepping to transplant my hostas this year, a storm knocked a tree on top of them. This made me wonder: will hosta leaves grow back when the entire plant has been damaged, and how quickly? Don’t worry…

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Do Hostas like Wood Ash?

Red hot wood coals

Do hostas like wood ash? Wood ash is typically recommended to hosta gardeners for its slug-repellent nature, while its impact on soil pH and nutritional value is overlooked. Wood ash can be great for hostas growing in very acidic soil,…

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