Sometimes you will find different ways to grow the same plants on this site. There are many ways to accomplish the same task and be a successful gardener.

The site contains a lot of material that is based on my triumphs and failures. Some of the advice is predicated on the accomplishments and failures of other people.

What works for another person or place may not always be the greatest option for you. Sometimes you need to experiment. Its part of what makes gardening fun.

About Us

Why should we be running a website about plants and gardening?

After 30 plus years in the plant business, We have learned a few things worth passing on. If you read on I’ll tell you a little more about myself.

Here I am, in my father’s lath house. While he would grow anything his favorite plants were tuberous begonias and fuchsias. Mom had lots of zinnias growing in the front yard and when blooming was covered with all kinds of butterflies but the majority were monarch butterflies.

Life moved on and I found myself working in a wholesale nursery propagating bedding plants and herbs as well as spending two or three days a week selling to retail nurseries. A year later I was out on my own brokering nursery stock from Oregon.

While I was working in the nursery and brokering plants, My wife, Diane was running her own landscaping business. She is one of the early female landscape contractors.

A few years later after a serious automobile accident, Diane and I found ourselves living in the central valley of California and running our own wholesale florist business for about 10 years.

From there it was working for two orchid nurseries on the cool coast of California. Then it was off to Oregon to work for a large grower as sales manager. Darn if they didn’t sell the nursery and out the door, I was along with the rest of management.

We ended up owning a small farm in Oregon and started out selling Japanese Maples and uncommon plants then changing to perennials and more unusual plants during the housing crisis.

Most people that know me always thought I was a bit peculiar so the unusual or not common plants fit right in.

At this point, the years were catching up with us and we called it quits. Sold the farm and moved to Montana where much to Diane’s relief we parked ourselves and started putting down roots.

Diane and I have worked side by side for about 25 years. She is not really interested in this electronic gardening. Hopefully, she will be providing some of the photographs, otherwise, she is in avoidance mode.

Retired now but those darn plants! I just can’t leave them alone, so here I am starting a website and writing about plants that I have grown and/or sold and even some that I have never touched. But that will not stop me from spinning stores about them. Hey, it beats having to pull all those weeds.

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