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Beautiful summer garden with lawn pathway leeding to an unknown destination

Join me as we explore bold beautiful gardens as well as fascinating nooks and crannies in the gardening world. I hope to inspire you to start your own journey.

An old saying goes “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. At times during your journey, you may like the curious cat but in the end, the satisfaction can be very rewarding.

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Variegated hosta in a large pot

How to Successfully Grow Hostas in Pots

If you're considering growing hostas in pots, smaller sized hostas do very well in containers in the right potting soil, ...
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Will Hosta Leaves Grow Back?

As I was prepping to transplant my hostas this year, a storm knocked a tree on top of them. This ...
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The wood coal burns on fire

Do Hostas like Wood Ash?

Do hostas like wood ash? Wood ash is typically recommended to hosta gardeners for its slug-repellent nature, while its impact ...
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Will Deer Eat Hostas? You’re Lucky if You Don’t Know the Answer!

Will deer eat hostas? If you live around these critters and love your hostas whole and intact, this is an ...
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How to make hostas grow bigger. Two big hostas.

How to Make Hostas Grow Bigger: 21 Tips and Tricks

Do you want to learn how to make your hostas grow bigger? Check out our list of helpful tips that ...
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Yes, hostas do like coffee grounds.

Do Hostas like Coffee Grounds? Here’s the Truth

Many gardeners add spent coffee grounds to their soil. These are easy to come by in most homes and are ...
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Host planted in newly prepared garden soil

What Is the Best Soil for Hostas? How to Improve Hosta Soils

Hostas are hardy plants that grow in many soils, but they do have preferences. What is the best soil for ...
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Bone Meal

Can You Use Bone Meal on Hostas? – A Short Guide

Many people put bone meal on hostas for an organic fertilizer, but is bone meal safe to use on hostas ...
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Using Epsom salt for hostas

Using Epsom Salt for Hostas: {Is It Good or Bad?}

Using Epsom salt for hostas is a standard of hosta growers, some debate its effectiveness. I dove into the science ...
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Rabbits - Way too many rabbits

How to Keep Rabbits From Eating Hostas {23 Great Tips}

Do rabbits eat hostas? Rabbits can wreak havoc on your plants if you don’t stop them, but there are several ...
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