Hello and Let the Journey Begin

Join me as we explore bold beautiful gardens as well as fascinating nooks and crannies in the gardening world. I hope to inspire you to start your own journey.

An old saying goes “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. At times during your journey, you may like the curious cat but in the end, the satisfaction can be very rewarding.

My Latest Posts:

Can You Plant Hostas with Roses?

Roses and hostas are beautiful additions to any garden, but they have different growing conditions that lead people to ask, ...
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What Is the Best Soil for Hostas? How to Improve Hosta Soils

Hostas are hardy plants that grow in many soils, but they do have preferences. What is the best soil for ...
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Can You Use Bone Meal on Hostas? – A Short Guide

Many people put bone meal on hostas for an organic fertilizer, but is bone meal safe to use on hostas ...
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Using Epsom Salt for Hostas: {Is It Good or Bad?}

Using Epsom salt for hostas is a standard of hosta growers, some debate its effectiveness. I dove into the science ...
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How to Keep Rabbits From Eating Hostas {23 Great Tips}

Do rabbits eat hostas? Rabbits can wreak havoc on your plants if you don’t stop them, but there are several ...
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How to Grow Hostas Indoors (and Not Kill Them)

Growing a hosta plant indoors can be a challenge, but they're perennials that you can grow and keep healthy with ...
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Why Are My Hostas Not Coming Up?

If your hostas aren’t coming up as they should, it could be for several reasons ranging from pests and too ...
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How to Store Hosta Roots for the Winter: An Easy Guide

Hostas are a perennial that can winter in the ground, or you can store them in containers. Read on to ...
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How to Plant Hostas in Rock

Planting hostas in your rock garden exemplifies the practicality of both the hosta and the rocks. Find out what you ...
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How to Fertilize Hostas (A Simple Method)

Hostas are beautiful shade plants that need fertilizer to grow and keep their deep green coloring. Find out how to ...
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