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Grow Golden Tiara Hosta: A Shimmering Garden Gem

A beautiful Golden Tiara hosta plant.

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your garden, the ‘Golden Tiara’ Hosta is an excellent choice. This small to medium-sized hosta is known for its striking foliage. It features wide-oval, medium-green leaves with irregular golden-yellow margins. ‘Golden Tiara’ Hosta Plant ‘Golden Tiara’ Hosta, also known as Golden Tiara Plantain Lily, is … Read more

Earth Angel Hosta: Beauty in a Giant Package

A lush Earth Angel hosta planted in the garden.

‘Earth Angel’ Hosta will enhance any garden with its eye-catching foliage and its ability to thrive in shaded areas. Selected as the Hosta of the Year by the American Hosta Growers Association in 2009, ‘Earth Angel’ is a show-stopping specimen whose charm only grows as the years go by. From planting tips to expert advice … Read more

Growing the Beautiful Stiletto Hosta Plant in Your Garden

Clump of Stiletto Hostas in the garden.

The beautiful ‘Stiletto’ Hosta is an eye-catching addition to any garden. Its lush, green variegated leaves with a narrow creamy white edge and ripple effect add a graceful touch.  Its fine texture and dainty spikes of lavender tubular flowers add a touch of whimsy in late summer. ‘Stiletto’ Hosta Plant I really like this plant. … Read more

Praying Hands Hosta: The Ultimate Guide

Praying Hands Hosta plant.

A mature ‘Praying Hands’ Hosta was a sight to behold. Its dark olive-green leaves, rippled and glossy, shone with a golden-yellow margin that set it apart from all the other hostas. It was a stunning example of nature’s beauty, one that any gardener could be proud to show off. ‘Praying Hands’ Hosta Plant The ‘Praying … Read more

Dream Queen Hosta – Character & Beauty

Dream Queen hosta planted in the garden.

‘Dream Queen’ Hosta is a robust plant known for its thick, blue-green leaves with light yellow centers that exude an abundance of character. The corrugated leaves are highly resistant to slugs and are sometimes bypassed by deer and rabbits. In the summer months, the ‘Dream Queen’ produces 2-inch white flowers on tall scapes with noticeable … Read more

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