Dream Queen Hosta – Character & Beauty

‘Dream Queen’ Hosta is a robust plant known for its thick, blue-green leaves with light yellow centers that exude an abundance of character. The corrugated leaves are highly resistant to slugs and are sometimes bypassed by deer and rabbits.

In the summer months, the ‘Dream Queen’ produces 2-inch white flowers on tall scapes with noticeable green variegated bracts. The flowers are attractive to hummingbirds.

‘Dream Queen’ Hosta Plant

This hosta is a sport of ‘Great Expectations’ that typically matures as a medium size hosta reaching 18 to 20 inches tall and 32 to 36 inches wide. It has an upright habit, and the plant is very full. It can grow much larger with ideal conditions according to NH Hostas.

The leaves of ‘Dream Queen’ are blue-green in color and have light yellow-green variegated centers that fade to cream as the season progresses. A third green outlining the center adds to the leaf’s beauty. The blue-green margins are much wider than those of its parent plant, ‘Great Expectations’.

The leaves are 6-9 inches in length and 6.5-8 inches in width and have slightly cupped and corrugated edges with wavy margins. The leaves vary from heart-shaped to nearly round and have a glaucous bloom on both the top and bottom.

Appearance and Characteristics


18-20 Inches


32-36 Inches

Size Classification:


Plant Habit:


Foliage Color:

Blue-Green & Yellow


Part Sun to Light Shade

Growth Rate:


Scape Height:

20-24 Inches

Flower Color:


Bloom Time:







‘Dream Queen’ is a popular hosta grown for its foliage. In June, it produces white flowers with very pale lavender stripes on scapes 20-24 inches tall. The tubular flowers measure 2 inches in length and are accompanied by noticeable green variegated bracts.

The History of ‘Dream Queen’

This hosta started as a tissue culture sport of ‘Great Expectations’. It was introduced by J. van den Top, owner of Hostaworld Nursery in Barneveld, Netherlands. ‘Dream Queen’ was officially registered in 2020 on his behalf by the Registrar.

‘Dream Queen’ Hosta Care In The Garden

An excellent choice for sun-loving gardeners. It can tolerate more sun than most blue-green hostas, though its leaves may fade to green in very sunny conditions.

This hardy hosta is less susceptible to deer, rabbits, and especially slugs than other varieties. It is slow to mature, but well worth the wait.

‘Dream Queen’ looks great in mass plantings, as a border edging, or in container gardens. This Hosta can be a thriller or filler when used in a container garden, depending on the other plants in the container.

Where to Buy Hosta ‘Dream Queen’

You can find this plant at many online nurseries. It can be more difficult to find at your local nursery or garden center.


‘Dream Weaver’ Hosta

A medium Hosta that has creamy white in the center of the leaves with wide blue-green margins. White flowers.

Originator: Bonnie Ruetenik – Registered in 1996 by The American Hosta Society.

Thunderbolt‘ Hosta

A medium to large Hosta with leaves that are deeply corrugated and have wide blue-green margins and a narrow yellow center. White flowers.

Originator: Allen Rick Crowder – Registered in 2020 by The American Hosta Society.


Hosta ‘Collectors Dream’

An uncommon plant in the trade. The leaves have a greenish-blue margin with creamy white to slightly yellowish centers.

This plant is not listed in the Hosta Registry – Originator: Unknown.

Hosta ‘Ice King’

This hosta is listed as a miniature in the Hosta Registry, however the photos in the Hosta Library suggest it’s a larger plant. The flowers are almost white with a hint of lavender striping and appear in the picture to be of a large size for a miniature.

Registered in 2019 by Charles Kwick.

Interesting Seedlings

Hosta ‘Ice Queen’

(‘Dream Queen’ x ‘Ice Age Trail’) A small hosta with leaves that feature a narrow creamy margin and a green center. As the season progresses, the leaves become greener and the corrugations become more pronounced. The flowers are pale lavender.

Registered in 2016 by Charles Kwick

Hosta ‘Lady Gloria’

(‘Sea Gulf Stream’ x ‘Dream Queen’) A small hosta with leaves that are a solid greenish yellow. The flowers are nearly white with very light lavender stripping.

Registered in 2020 by Charles Kwick

‘Impressive Reject’ Hosta

(‘Dream Queen’ seedling) A large upright hosta with dark green leaves and deep veins. The tubular flowers are lavender.

Registered in 2019 by Charles Kwick

‘Lord Manywrinkles’ Hosta

(‘Dream Queen’ x self) A medium upright growing hosta with blue-green leaves and deeply corrugated.

Registered in 2019 by Charles Kwick

Why Grow ‘Dream Queen’ Hosta

This Hosta is good for growing in a place that is a little too sunny for most Hostas. The plant displays attractive foliage with a pleasant texture and produces showy flowers, offering visual appeal even in the shade. This Hosta is low-maintenance and easy to care for.

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