Dream Queen Hosta

Planting Dream Queen Hosta is like planting a tree. If you plant it in a good place and give it reasonable care, Dream Queen Hosta may outlive you. It can live as long as 30 years.

Description of Dream Queen Hosta

Size And Stature—This Hosta is a medium Hosta, growing to 19 inches tall and 34 inches wide, and has an upright habit. The clump is very thick with leaves.

Leaf Color—Dream Queen has blue-green leaves (116B RHS Colour Chart) with light yellow-green variegated centers (145B RHS Colour Chart).  The yellow-green fades to cream as the season progresses.

There is a third green outlining the center, but its exact color is not specified. The blue-green margins are much wider than those of its parent plant, Great Expectations. 

 Leaf Size—The leaf length is 6-9 inches, and the leaf width is 6.5-8 inches. It is slightly cupped and slightly corrugated. It has slightly wavy margins. The leaves vary from heart-shaped to nearly round. Both the top and bottom of these leaves have a glaucous bloom.

Flowers—While ‘Dream Queen’ Hosta is normally grown for its foliage, it has white flowers with very pale lavender stripes in June.

The 2-inch-long tubular flowers appear on scapes rising 20-24 inches above the foliage. There are noticeable green variegated bracts.

Propagation—This plant has pale yellowish-green seed pods. The seeds are viable.

The History of Dream Queen

Dream Queen Hosta started as a tissue culture sport of Great Expectations. J. van den registered it in 2020 Top. He is the owner of Hostaworld Nursery in Barneveld, Netherlands. He has registered over 100 cultivars with the American Hosta Society (AHS).

In The Garden

Dream Queen Hosta can tolerate more sun than most blue green hostas, but the leaves will fade to green if it gets too much sun. It attracts hummingbirds and is more deer and rabbit resistant than most hostas.

It is also more slug resistant than most Hostas. This Hosta is considered slow to mature, but well worth the wait.

Dream Queen Hosta looks nice as a mass planting. If you use it this way, put the hostas 20 inches apart at planting. Dream Queen also looks nice as a border edging or in a container garden.

While this plant can be the thriller in a container, it can also be the filler if a more spectacular plant is in the container with it.


Hosta ‘Dream Queen’ is easy to find at online nurseries.


Dream Weaver is a medium/large Hosta that has white in the center of the leaves instead of yellowish green or cream.

Thunderbolt is a large Hosta that has much wider margins around the yellow-green center than Dream Queen.


Collectors Dream—A very similar leaf pattern to Dream Queen. Not in the AHS database.

Ice King—Not in the AHS database.

Interesting Seedlings

Ice Queen (Dream Queen x Ice Age Trail) has a narrow creamy margin and a green center.

Lady Gloria (Sea Gulf Stream x Dream Queen) is a greenish yellow with no other color on the leaves.

Impressive Reject has dark green leaves with deep veins.  The tubular flowers are lavender.

Lord Manywrinkles (Dream Queen x self) is a blue green leaf that is deeply corrugated.

Why Grow Dream Queen

This Hosta is good for growing in a place that is a little too sunny for most Hostas.  It is showy and also has a nice texture to the leaves so pulls its weight in a shade garden.  It even has nice flowers, something many shade plants lack.  Finally, it is considered low maintenance.

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