Will Hostas Grow in Sandy Soil?

Hosta emerging in sandy soil

Because hostas are such a hardy and beautiful perennial, it’s possible to grow them in a host of different types of soil. You can have your hosta plants in sandy soil as well as heavier clay soil. However, I’ve noticed that hostas prefer to have moist, rich, and well-draining loamy soil that contains a lot …

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A Guide to Fast Growing Hostas

Image shows different growth rates for hostas

Did you know that hosta cultivars grow at different rates? It surprised me when I first started getting into these plants to see that some had a quick growth habit and some were slow. My goal was to get a full yard along the edges in the shade as quickly as possible, so I started …

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How to Grow Hostas Under Trees

Hostas planted under a large tree

You most likely know that hostas do very well growing in partial shade, and different species and cultivars thrive in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 9. This is why it’s possible to grow hostas under trees, as I’ve found out over the years. The trees and hostas can compete for water, but this is a …

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Dividing Hostas

Gardener dividing hosta plant into two plants

Everyone wants big beautiful hostas dotting their yard. I know I love them when they fill in my shaded areas and make the entire garden look lush and full. So, why would you ever divide them? Not only does this make them smaller, but it can be additional work for you to do.  However, I …

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Liquid Bone Meal for Plants

All plants need phosphorus in order to survive, and liquid bone meal is a great source of it. How is liquid bone meal different to balanced fertilizers, and should you be using it in your garden? Liquid bone meal for plants does not provide all the nutrition your plant needs, but is great for phosphorus-deficient …

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