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John Swart

Dream Queen Hosta

Planting Dream Queen Hosta is like planting a tree.  If you plant it in a good place and give it reasonable care, Dream Queen Hosta may outlive you.  It can live as long as 30 years. Description of Dream Queen…

How to Successfully Grow Hostas in Pots

A green and white variegated hosta in a nice container

If you’re considering growing hostas in pots, smaller sized hostas do very well in containers in the right potting soil, water, and sunlight ratios. Using small shrubs or perennials in containers has become very common as breeders come up with…

Will Hostas Grow in Sandy Soil?

Hosta shoots emerging in sandy soil

Because hostas are such a hardy and beautiful perennial, it’s possible to grow them in a host of different types of soil. You can have your hosta plants in sandy soil as well as heavier clay soil. However, I’ve noticed…