Hostas growing along a stream with a bridge in the background

Slow Release Fertilizer for Hostas

If you’re looking to add a few hostas to your garden, then you’ll want to know about slow-release fertilizers! A great way to keep your plants strong and healthy is through the use of slow-release … Read more

Hosta going dormant in the fall with leaves yellowing

Transplanting Hostas in the Fall

There are a few considerations and rules to follow to ensure that your hostas will grow well and thrive after transplanting them. While hostas are reasonably easy to grow, transplanting them during the correct season … Read more

Dream Queen Hosta

Planting Dream Queen Hosta is like planting a tree. If you plant it in a good place and give it reasonable care, Dream Queen Hosta may outlive you. It can live as long as 30 … Read more

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