How to Grow Hostas Under Trees – Learn How to Succeed

Hostas under a big old tree.

You most likely know that hostas do very well growing in partial shade, and different species and cultivars thrive in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 9 . Therefore, it’s possible to grow hostas under trees, as I’ve found out over the years. The trees and hostas can compete for water, but this is a relatively easy … Read more

A Guide to Fast Growing Hostas

Guacamole a fast growing hosta.

Did you know that hosta cultivars grow at different rates? It surprised me when I first started getting into these plants to see that some had a quick growth habit and some were slow. My goal was to get a full yard along the edges in the shade as quickly as possible, so I did … Read more

Dividing Hostas: A Simple How To, When To and Why Guide

Everyone wants big beautiful hostas dotting their yard. I know I love them when they fill in my shaded areas and make the entire garden look lush and full. So, why would you ever divide them? Not only does this make them smaller, but it can be additional work for you to do.  However, I … Read more

How to Water Hostas: The Basics, How Much, How Often and Why

Young boy watering or more likely playing

How to water hostas, it sounds simple, but, but… These plants love moisture and they die in waterlogged soil. Let’s talk about the secret to watering hostas. Large hostas or those grown in sun should receive 1.5-2” of water each week. Smaller varieties will need just 1” of water, as will those grown in shade. … Read more

Lovely Hosta Flowers – A Delightful Summer Garden Surprise

White hosta flowers with leaves

Many growers of old thought little of the flowers on their hostas and made it a practice to cut the flower scapes before they flowered so as not to detract from the gorgeous foliage. A few still behead their hostas to this day. Thanks to hybridizers that produce thousands of hostas to find the ONE, … Read more

Yes! You Can Grow Hostas in Pots – It’s Real Easy

A green and white variegated hosta in a container

If you’re considering growing hostas in pots, smaller sized hostas do very well in containers in the right potting soil, water, and sunlight ratios. Even giant hostas can grow in pots all you need is BIG pots. Using small shrubs or perennials in containers has become very common as breeders come up with more compact … Read more

Will Hosta Leaves Grow Back: Learn What to Expect

White and green variegated hosta leaves.

As I was prepping to transplant my hostas this year, a storm knocked a tree on top of them. This made me wonder: will hosta leaves grow back when the entire plant has been damaged, and how quickly? Don’t worry about pruning hostas or if they succumb to damage, as these are hardy, fast-growing plants. … Read more

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