Slow Release Fertilizer for Hostas: Less Work & Better Plants

Hostas growing along a stream with a bridge in the background

Less work, one or two applications a year. Constant fertilizer available to your hostas. This is what makes slow release fertilizer for hostas a winner. This type of fertilizer slowly releases nutrients into the soil so that they are available for longer periods. Slow-release fertilizers work well in all types of soils, including clay and … Read more

Fragrant Hostas Stunning Beauty for Your Garden

White flower and buds of a fragrant hosta.

As a hosta lover, I cannot imagine not having a few fragrant varieties growing in my garden and even in pots inside my home. Fragrant hostas are a treat for any hosta lover as they are not only beautiful, but they have lovely fragrant blooms to match. Fragrant hostas are versatile, hardy, and easy-to-grow plants … Read more

Transplanting Hostas in the Fall: Secrets for Success

Transplanting hostas in the fall. Hosta going dormant in the fall with leaves yellowing

There are a few considerations and rules to follow to ensure that your hostas will grow well and thrive after transplanting them. While hostas are reasonably easy to grow, transplanting them during the correct season will give them a growing head start, rewarding you with a stunning display of beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes in … Read more

Miniature Hostas: What They Are and How to Care for Them

Blue Mouse Ears, the most popular of the miniature hostas.

A mini hosta packs all the punch that a hosta does, only in a smaller space. They are just as hardy as standard hostas and just as easy to care for. If you are unfamiliar with miniature hostas or are deciding whether to include them in your garden this year, then read through the rest … Read more

Growing Bare Root Hostas (Save Money & It’s Easy to Do)

A bare root hosta ready to plant.

When most people think of planting and growing hostas, they don’t think of starting from a bare root hosta. Instead, they usually buy a small hosta plant or divide some of their larger hostas and plant them in shady areas of their yards and gardens. But, if you’re like me, you’re always up for trying … Read more

Can Hostas Grow in Sandy Soil

Can hostas grow in sandy soil? Here you see shoots emerging in sandy soil.

Because hostas are such a hardy and beautiful perennial, it’s possible to grow them in a host of different types of soil. You can have your hosta plants in sandy soil and heavier clay soil. However, I’ve noticed that hostas prefer moist, rich, and well-draining loamy soil that contains a lot of organic matter to … Read more

How to Grow Hostas Under Trees – Learn How to Succeed

Hostas under a big old tree.

You most likely know that hostas do very well growing in partial shade, and different species and cultivars thrive in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 9 . Therefore, it’s possible to grow hostas under trees, as I’ve found out over the years. The trees and hostas can compete for water, but this is a relatively easy … Read more

Meet the Speedsters: Fast Growing Hostas Revealed

Guacamole a fast growing hosta.

Did you know that hosta cultivars grow at different rates? It surprised me when I first started getting into these plants to see that some had a quick growth habit and some were slow. My goal was to get a full yard along the edges in the shade as quickly as possible, so I did … Read more

Dividing Hostas: A How to Garden Guide for Success

If you want to make the most out of your hosta plants, dividing them can significantly increase their presence in your garden and keep them thriving. In this article, you’ll learn the optimal times and techniques for dividing your hosta plants to promote healthy growth and maximize their visual appeal. Understanding the best practices for … Read more

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