Do Deer Eat Hostas?

Young Deer surrounded by white daisies.

Do deer eat hostas? If you live around these critters and love your hostas whole and intact, this is an important question to know the definitive answer to. Will you catch deer eating hostas? The answer is yes. For deer, consider hostas to be like candy. Some hosta marketing claims that certain species have a … Read more

How to Make Hostas Grow Bigger: 21 Tips and Tricks

Two large hosta plants in the garden.

Do you want to learn how to make your hostas grow bigger? Check out our list of helpful tips that can help you grow big, beautiful hostas. Let’s get started… Do you want to know the secret of how to make hostas grow big? Everyone dreams of having huge, lush hostas sprawling over their yard, … Read more

Helpful Tips to Improving the Soil for Hostas in Your Garden

A shovel full of soil from the garden

Hostas are hardy plants that grow in many soils, but they have preferences. What is the best soil for hostas? How can you amend yours to help your plants thrive? Soil for hostas should be organic, freely draining, and slightly acidic. They do well in a fertile mix that provides plenty of nutrients. Alongside this, … Read more

Is Bone Meal Good for Hostas? – A Short Guide

Bone Meal granules ready to apply to your garden

Many people put bone meal on hostas for an organic fertilizer, but is bone meal safe to use on hostas without burning the leaves or stems?  Many people choose to garden organically without the use of chemicals, and this leads to searching for natural alternatives to traditional chemical fertilizers. They wonder if they can use … Read more

How to Grow a Hostas Indoors (And Not Kill Them)

Growing hostas indoors in decorated pots.

Growing a hosta plant indoors can be a challenge, but they’re perennials that you can grow and keep healthy with the correct soil and environment. It’s possible to grow a hosta indoors without replanting them, but they’re perennials that need to go through a dormant stage each year to stay healthy and thriving . You’ll … Read more

Store Hosta Roots for Winter – A Simple Guide

Hostas are a perennial that can winter in the ground, or you can store them in containers. Read on to find out how to store hosta roots for the winter. Although it’s possible to allow hostas to die off and go dormant outside, it’s possible to store hosta roots indoors all winter before replanting them. … Read more

Why Are My Hostas Not Growing

A nice clump of hosta shoots.

Are your hostas not growing as they should, it could be for several reasons, ranging from pests and too much or too little water to improper care. If you don’t take care of your newly planted or established hostas before fall, whether it’s due to not enough water, too much water, or a landscaping accident, … Read more

Hostas in Rock Gardens: Build a Gorgeous Long Lasting Garden

Rock garden with hostas, Japanese maples and other plants.

Rock gardens are a practical way to use hostas because hostas can thrive in rocks and hostas in the wild are frequently associated with rocks. Rock gardens also require little care and hostas work well as a low-maintenance garden. Hostas are drought-tolerant, robust, and shade-loving plants. They can live in zones 3-9 with over 70 … Read more

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