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Stop Slugs on Hostas: Here’s How to End the Menace!

Closeup of a slug on a hosta leaf.

Slugs on hostas are a common problem for gardeners, and they can quickly turn a beautiful garden into a nightmare. These slimy creatures are notorious for their voracious appetite. However, several effective ways exist to stop slugs on hostas and keep your garden looking beautiful. In this article, we will explore the various methods you … Read more

Earth Angel Hosta: Beauty in a Giant Package

A lush Earth Angel hosta planted in the garden.

‘Earth Angel’ Hosta will enhance any garden with its eye-catching foliage and its ability to thrive in shaded areas. Selected as the Hosta of the Year by the American Hosta Growers Association in 2009, ‘Earth Angel’ is a show-stopping specimen whose charm only grows as the years go by. From planting tips to expert advice … Read more

Explore the World of Giant Hostas: Growing Tips and Tricks

Earth Angel Hosta presenting it's beautiful leaves for viewing.

Giant hosta plants are a popular choice for gardeners looking to add a bold statement to their landscape. As defined by the American Hosta Growers Association, giant hostas are those that exceed 30 inches in height. The American Hosta Society lists hostas with a leaf size of 120 square inches or more as giant. Some … Read more

Growing the Beautiful Stiletto Hosta Plant in Your Garden

Clump of Stiletto Hostas in the garden.

The beautiful ‘Stiletto’ Hosta is an eye-catching addition to any garden. Its lush, green variegated leaves with a narrow creamy white edge and ripple effect add a graceful touch.  Its fine texture and dainty spikes of lavender tubular flowers add a touch of whimsy in late summer. ‘Stiletto’ Hosta Plant I really like this plant. … Read more

Cheatin Heart Hosta: A Miniature Beauty with Radiant Foliage

A young Hosta Cheating Heart planted in the garden.

‘Cheatin Heart’ Hosta is a miniature yellow hosta, known for its small size and bright yellow leaves. A splendid choice for adding a pop of color to rock gardens, containers, and small spaces. Read on and learn more about this charming little plant. ‘Cheating Heart’ Hosta Plant Standing at 6-8 inches tall and 15-18 inches … Read more

Coral Bells and Hostas: Make A Great Garden Combination

Heuchera Frosted Violet hostas planted in the garden.

These two perennials, coral bells, and hostas are both gorgeous plants. However, the mixing of the two multiplies their individual beauty when used together in coral bells and hosta gardens. Both hostas and coral bells are excellent garden plants. I can say with confidence, having grown many thousands over the years in our nursery, that … Read more

How to Grow Hostas Under Pine Trees Successfully

An older pink forest with grass growing beneath the trees.

So you’ve got a lovely shady spot under a pine tree or two, wondering if Hostas will do well. Yes, they will, if you know what you’re doing. It’s a myth that pine needles increase soil acidity, making them unsuitable for growing hostas under pine trees. The real challenge is the tree’s root distribution and … Read more

How to Use Hosta Fertilizer to Keep Your Hostas Beautiful

Lady using hosta fertilizer to nourish her plants.

Across the United States, gardeners have, on average, 200 growing days per year in which to create beauty, function, and fabulous garden features using plants. To optimize those days, gardeners need to provide each plant with its preferred environment, soil conditions, and water supply while meeting its nutritional needs and minimizing the threat of pests … Read more

Fertilizer Basics for Hosta Growers

A variegated hosta with spirea growing through it.

Hostas make extraordinary ground cover perennials and are by far the most popular plant for shady areas, such as under deciduous trees. Offering seventy species and hundreds of hybrids, gardeners can create striking borders of any color between vibrant greens, chartreuse, and blue. Though not high feeders, applications of nitrogen and potassium will boost the … Read more

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