Explore the World of Giant Hostas: Growing Tips and Tricks

Earth Angel Hosta presenting it's beautiful leaves for viewing.

Giant hosta plants are a popular choice for gardeners looking to add a bold statement to their landscape. As defined by the American Hosta Growers Association, giant hostas are those that exceed 30 inches in height. The American Hosta Society lists hostas with a leaf size of 120 square inches or more as giant. Some … Read more

Growing the Beautiful Stiletto Hosta Plant in Your Garden

Clump of Stiletto Hostas in the garden.

The beautiful ‘Stiletto’ Hosta is an eye-catching addition to any garden. Its lush, green variegated leaves with a narrow creamy white edge and ripple effect add a graceful touch.  Its fine texture and dainty spikes of lavender tubular flowers add a touch of whimsy in late summer. ‘Stiletto’ Hosta Plant I really like this plant. … Read more

Cheatin Heart Hosta: A Miniature Beauty with Radiant Foliage

A young Hosta Cheating Heart planted in the garden.

‘Cheatin Heart’ Hosta is a miniature yellow hosta, known for its small size and bright yellow leaves. A splendid choice for adding a pop of color to rock gardens, containers, and small spaces. Read on and learn more about this charming little plant. ‘Cheating Heart’ Hosta Plant Standing at 6-8 inches tall and 15-18 inches … Read more

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